1. Auckland, NZ, 2014


  2. Auckland, NZ - 2013

    this is part of http://chrisleskovsek.com/observations3


  3. Auckland, NZ - 2014


  4. Auckland, NZ - 2014


  5. Øbservations Nº3 available now, both for free and physical copies, signed and numbered (Ed. of 50). Hope you enjoy it. 


  6. David Alan Harvey, micro Documentary for Gallery 64. Santiago. Chile (by Galería 64)


  7. I’m honored to say that Øbservations Nº2 was featured in the new APR-MAY issue of D-Photo Magazine !


  8. One of my favorite photographers: Antonin Kratochvil (by vogueitalia)


  9. I bought this documentary, and its worth every cent. Great interviews, great stories, great photos, great piece of history. Very well done.


  10. This is to me the real importance of Photography, and Illustration or art in general if you will. To write our history. And this person is like the gatekeeper of that at National Geographic.

    (Source: youtube.com)


  11. I´m honored to have my work featured and myself interviewed in the new issue of The Inspired Eye Magazine, make sure you go download. 200+ pages of pure photography. 


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  13. Auckland, NZ, 2014


  14. shot this at iso20.000, by mistake. I love how it turned out though


  15. found an abandoned trains station, somewhere in NZ