1. I huge storm woke me up at 4am in Mandalay, Burma (Myanmar), 2014


  2. Burma (Myanmar), 2014


  3. Burma (Myanmar), 2014 


  4. Burma (Myanmar), 2014


  5. Burma (Myanmar), 2014


  6. Myanmar (Burma), 2014


  7. winter sunset, Auckland, NZ - 2014


  8. Auckland, NZ - 2014


  9. Auckland, NZ - 2014


  10. Auckland, NZ - 2014


  11. Music is the excuse

    Music is certainly a big part of my life, and because of that I’m constantly searching for it. But live music to me, is simply an excuse to meet people, sing-a-long, scream and drink together… sure I’m getting old, but not music. Punk is punk and rock is still rock, is only that younger ones are playing it now, yet, their influences are still the same. I still love small, noisy and sweat dripping from the walls clubs. Some bands are horrible, some bands are awesome…that’s is why I love music.


  12. Auckland, NZ - 2014


  13. Auckland, NZ - 2013


  14. I have 3 of my photos featured in the current edition of NZ Geographic Magazine. This is the second time I’ve had the honor to be published in such important magazine, the previous one was back in 2012. 


  15. Auckland, NZ - 2014